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Special MMPI-A Scales

MMPI-2 Information

MMPI-A Validity Scales

F1 - Infrequent Items (33 items) 24 items are from the original F scale, plus 9 new items. All items are among the first 350 items on the MMPI-A.

F2 - Infrequent items (33 items) 13 items are from the original F scale, 12 new items are from the original MMPI, and 8 items are totally new. F2 items as with the Fb items are in the latter part of the test, beginning with item 242.

F, F1 and F2 correlate highly with 6 and 8. If these clinical scales are higher than F, F1 and F2, then F, F1 and F2 are probably reflecting severe psychopathology.

MMPI-A Content Scales

A-anx (Adolescent-Anxiety) Number of items on A-anx/ANX: 21/23. Items in common with adult ANX: 20. Symptoms of anxiety, general maladjustment and depression

A-obs (Adolescent-Obsessiveness). Number of items on A-obs/OBS: 15/16. Items in common with adult OBS: 12. Unreasonable worrying, difficulty in making decisions, dread in changes

A-dep (Adolescent-Depression). Number of items on A-dep/DEP: 26/33. Items in common with adult DEP: 25. Crying spells, fatigue, future seems hopeless, life is neither worthwhile nor interesting, feeling blue and loneliness.

A-hea (Adolescent-Health Concerns). Number of items on A-hea/HEA: 37/36. Items in common with adult HEA: 34. Gastrointestinal problems, neurological problems, sensory problems, cardiovascular problems, skin problems, pain and respiratory problems.

A-ain (Adolescent-Alienation). Number of items on A-aln: 20. Considerable emotional distance from others. They feel that others are out to get them and are unkind to them. Prefer living alone, difficulty self-disclosing.

A-biz (Adolescent-Bizarre Mentation). Number of items on A-biz/BIZ: 19/24. Items in common with adult BIZ: 17. Strange thoughts, hallucinations. Paranoid ideation.

A-ang (Adolescent-Anger). Number of items on A-ang/ANG: 17/16. Items in common with adult ANG: 11. Feel like swearing, smashing things or starting a fistfight, irritability and impatience, hotheaded, acting-out behaviors.

A-cyn (Adolescent-Cynicism). Number of items on A-cyn/CYN: 22/23. Items in Common with adult CYN: 21. Others are out to get them, safer to trust nobody.

A-con (Adolescent-Conduct Problems). Number of items on A-con/ASP: 23/22. Items in common with adult ASP: 7. Stealing, shoplifting, lying, breaking or destroying things, being disrespectful, swearing and oppositional.

A-lse (Adolescent-Low Self-Esteem). Number of items on A-lse/LSE: 18/24. Items in common with adult LSE: 18. Lacking self confidence, negative views of themselves.

A-las (Adolescent-Low Aspirations). Number of items on A-las: 16. Not interested in being successful. They do not like to study and read about things. They believe that others block their success.

A-sod (Adolescent-Social Discomfort). Number of items on A-sod/SOD: 24/24. Items in common with adult SOD: 21. Shy and they prefer to be alone. They do not like parties, crowds, dances or social gatherings.

A-fam (Adolescent-Family Problems). Number of items on A-fam/FAM: 35/25. Items in common with adult FAM: 15. Considerable problems with their parents and other family members, Serious disagreements, lack of love and understanding and limited communication characterize these families.

A-sch (adolescent-School Problems). Number of items on A-sch: 20. Poor grades, suspension, truancy, negative attitudes toward teachers and dislike of school.

A-trt (Adolescent-Negative Treatment Indicators). Number of items on A-trt/TRT: 26-26. Items in common with adult TRT: 21. Negative attitudes toward doctors and mental health professionals, they report having several faults and bad habits that they feel are insurmountable.


ACK - Alcohol/Drug Problem Acknowledgment (13 items) Willingness to acknowledge the problematic use of alcohol and other drugs and the symptoms associated with such use.

PRO - Alcohol/Drug Problem Proneness (36 items) Negative peer group influence, stimulus seeking, rule violation, negative attitudes toward achievement, friction with parents, and bad judgment. Potential for developing alcohol or drug problems.

IMM - Immaturity (43 items) Immaturity in terms of interpersonal style, cognitive complexity, self-awareness, judgment, and impulse control.

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