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Jim Butcher Reviews the MMPI-RF in his new 2011 Book

“Departures from MMPI–2 empirical traditions: The fake bad scale, restructured clinical scales, and the MMPI–2–RF. By Butcher, James N. Butcher, James N., (2011). A beginner’s guide to the MMPI-2 (3rd ed.), (pp. 175-194). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association, xi, 257 pp. A person being introduced to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory—2 (MMPI–2) for the first time may be confused by two MMPI–2-labeled products available for use: the MMPI–2 and the MMPI–2—Restructured Form (MMPI–2–RF). These are very different assessment instruments with different scales and highly different research backgrounds. The MMPI–2–RF is made up of a subset of 338 items from the MMPI–2 item pool and relies on a number of new scales that have been the subject of considerable controversy when they first appeared as supplemental measures on MMPI–2. In this chapter, I describe the development of the MMPI–2–RF and then explain why I do not recommend using the instrument.”

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